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PonyTown Wiki
Welcome! This is a collaborative wiki focused on the game PonyTown.

Pony Town is an MLP inspired online browser chatroom game focused on building a town of ponies. In this game you can interact with others, create your own character, or build things on a place called Party Island.

The Pony Town Wiki is the largest archive of Pony Town-related information online, here you will find most information surrounding Pony Town, including various player-made groups, areas, and more!

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GayLand was an LGBTQ+ area located on the outskirts of the dock area, it was founded during a pride parade in early 2020.

What's new?

This update adds a clam opening animation to clams with pearls, round clamshells to placable objects, changed pearls to spawn in special clams anywhere at the beach coast instead of predefined spots, improved the default house and default island, and multiple other improvements and fixes.

You can find the complete log at [1]